MicroStrategy Architecture and Product Suite

28 February 2014

MicroStrategy Architecture and Product suite

  • Overview and Architecture
  • MicroStrategy Platform
  • MicroStrategy Intelligent Server
  • MicroStrategy Architect
  • MicroStrategy Desktop
  • MicroStrategy Web
  • MicroStrategy Administrator
    • MicroStrategy Object Manager
    • MicroStrategy Command Manager
    • MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager
  • MicroStrategy Distribution Services
  • MicroStrategy Office
  • MicroStrategy Mobile
  • MicroStrategy OLAP Service
  • MicroStrategy Report Services
  • MicroStrategy Integrity Manager
  • MicroStrategy SDK

Typical MicroStrategy Architecture


MicroStrategy Platform


Layers of MicroStrategy Platform

  • Data layer consists of Metadata Repository, Relational Data warehouses, Non-Relational Data Stores.

        The Metadata repository contains information used by all the MicroStrategy products.

  • Interactive reporting and Analysis layer allows users to perform on-demand reporting and data manipulation.
  • Information Delivery and Alerting allows users to receive proactive information delivery services, delivered on a schedule or only when a certain condition is triggered.
  • Design and Administration products allow speeding up project development and enabling fast, simple and centralized administration.

Intelligence Server
MicroStrategy Intelligence Server — architectural foundation and core component of the MicroStrategy system provides a powerful, comprehensive set of features necessary for a scalable, fault-tolerant, enterprise-wide business intelligence system; which provides the core analytical processing and  job management for all reporting, analysis and monitoring applications.
    It consists of :

  • SQL Engine
  • Query Engine
  • Analytical Engine

MicroStrategy Architect is a rapid development tool that maps the physical structure of your database into a logical business model consisting of Schema objects. These mappings are stored in a centralized metadata repository. These schema objects are used to build reports and other objects.



MicroStrategy Desktop is a Client/Server application used to create reports, documents, other reporting objects and manipulate result sets. It provides integrated querying and reporting, powerful analytics, decision support workflows and enables to perform complex types of online analysis of data.

    It is available in 2 versions:

  • Desktop designer - Full featured version supporting complete functionality.
  • Desktop analyst - Simplified version supporting basic interactive functionality.

Desktop Screenshot


 MicroStrategy Web is a reporting interface for end users that offers interactive reporting and analysis through a web browser and provides access to extensive report generation, document creation, manipulation and formatting capabilities with data browsing and drilling.
    It is available in 3 versions:

  • Web Professional - Full featured version that allows to create Intelligent cubes and reports.
  • Web Analyst - Simplified version that allows ad hoc analysis from intelligent cubes.
  • Web Reporter - Enterprise reporting version allows to view scheduled reports.


Web Screenshot


MicroStrategy Administrator provides system administrators with a comprehensive se
t of tools to monitor manage and automates their BI Infrastructure by providing the centralized user and object management and performance monitoring that is critical for rolling out high performance, secure applications to small internal audiences or large Extranets.

    It consists of following components:

  • Object Manager - It enables to manage distributed environments for Change management, Versioning, Internationalization from a single interface and provides Full object life cycle management from development and testing to production. Its four components are Manager, Project Merge Wizard, User Merge Wizard and Repository Translation Wizard.
  • Enterprise Manager - It provides prebuilt reports and dashboards that enable to monitor MicroStrategy usage patterns and activities. It also helps to monitor system, user and group activity to tune performance and resource utilization.
  • Command Manager - It is used to automate administrative tasks which enables to reduce workload and increase efficiency. It provides a fast and easy way to perform necessary and repetitive tasks.

Distribution Services

MicroStrategy Distribution Services - an add-on component available for MicroStrategy Intelligence Server that offers business performance monitoring and automated information distribution.

MicroStrategy platform also consists of the following products:

  • MicroStrategy Office - this add-on enables power analysts and end users to run and analyze reports in Microsoft Excel,     Word, or PowerPoint.
  • MicroStrategy Mobile - an interactive interface to the MicroStrategy BI platform that lets mobile business users run reports and dashboards directly from their BlackBerry mobile devices from Research in Motion.
  • MicroStrategy OLAP Services - an add-on component available for MicroStrategy Intelligence Server that provides MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Office, and MicroStrategy Web users with faster and more extensive analytics as part of In-Memory BI.
  • MicroStrategy Report Services - an add-on component available for MicroStrategy Intelligence Server that enables business users to easily create and analyze Pixel-Perfect dynamic enterprise dashboards, scorecards, or production reports from multiple sources of data.
  • MicroStrategy Integrity Manager - an application that automates the detection of inconsistencies and errors in your BI environment.
  • MicroStrategy SDK - a collection of programming tools, utilities, documentation, and libraries of functions or classes that are designed to enable users to customize and extend MicroStrategy products and to integrate them within other applications.


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