MicroStrategy 8 Intelligence Server setup

18 April 2013

Intelligence Server:

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server provides the core analytical processing and  job management for all reporting, analysis and monitoring applications.



You can configure a 4-tier, 3-tier, or 2-tier setup for MicroStrategy. The following figure describes how to configure MicroStrategy to suit a 3-tier environment .


 A 4-tier setup involves configuring a Web server to communicate between Intelligence Server and MicroStrategy Web or Web Universal The figure below describes how to configure MicroStrategy to suit a


2-tier environment. It also shows how the various components of the MicroStrategy Configuration Wizard, the metadata repository and the project source interact with each other.


*It is not recommended to use a 2-tier setup for the production environment.



To configure MicroStrategy through the Configuration Wizard :


To configure MicroStrategy through the configuration wizard, configure these step by step

- Metadata and Statistics Repository Tables

- MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 

- Project Sources

To create a metadata repository :


 -Open the MicroStrategy Configuration Wizard.

 - Select Metadata and Statistics Repository Tables and click Next. The Repository Configuration Tasks page opens.

 - Select the Metadata Tables check box and click Next. The ODBC Data Source Name for Metadata Repository page opens.


- Select Configure repository in an ODBC database, and from the ODBC Data Source Name drop-down list, select the DSN for your metadata repository


- Enter a User Name and Password that can connect to the data source


- Specify a metadata table prefix


Click Next. The Metadata Repository and Statistics Tables Creation page opens.


- By default, a SQL script to create metadata tables and/or statistics tables optimized for your database is selected. Click ... to browse to and select a customized script


Click Next. The Completing the Metadata Repository Configuration Wizard page opens.


- Review the summary information and click Finish to create the metadata repository.







Setting up MicroStrategy Intelligence Server :







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